What We Do

Consulting Services

At ACG we understand the needs of the modern business organization.  Our vendor-agnostic consulting practices can provide your organization with the experience and expertise required to complete your project goals in a timely and efficient manor.

Managed Services

ACG's managed service framework allows us to provide customized IT solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.  ACG provides a full offering of managed services utilizing methodologies crafted specifically for small and mid-tier businesses. Our expertise incorporates the frameworks, tools and knowledge required to keep your systems running and enable your organization to focus on core business initiatives.  We’ll help you drive your operational efficiency goals through information technology.

ACG offers a broad range of managed IT services in the following areas

Web Development

ACG's expert development team maintains a systematic understanding of online marketing and modern search engine optimization techniques.  We can provide your business with the online tools necessary to facilitate growth and prosperity in an overwhelmingly complex web environment.  Our designers have the skills and creativity required to make your site stand out!

Our Development Process


Development Lifecycle

Rapid Application Development

We have to be honest - we are open source afficionados!  We enjoy not having to reinvent the wheel and being able to build on an established community contributed codebase.  We also love being able to utilize application programming interfaces (APIs) to exchange data on the 'net.  That being said we typically utilize a methodology centered around rapid application development where we build applications through iterative prototyping.

To find out more about our development "style" contact us!