Meet Our Team

Andrew Santiago

Andrew Santiago - ACG Portrait

Andrew Santiago currently serves as the President of ACG. Mr. Santiago is a recent graduate of Drexel University with a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems and minors in both Business and Legal Studies.  At Drexel Andrew concentrated within the realms of distributed systems, Human Computer Interaction, and User-Centric design.  Although Andrew's primary role is executive in nature, he maintains a systematic understanding of many networking and web technologies. He frequently participates in client projects as both an analyst, front-end designer, and/or project manager.  He founded ACG, in April of 2009, with his fellow Pennsylvania Governor's School of Information Technology and Drexel University alumni Andrew Rosborough. 

Andrew Rosborough

Andrew Rosborough is a Drexel University alumnus with a bachelor's degree in Information Systems and a minor in Business. Andrew brings a broad understanding of development techniques,  software evolution and lifecycle management, human-computer interaction, interface design, and linux system administration to our team at ACG.  Although Andrew's role as Chief Technology Officer is executive in nature, Andrew is the driving force behind our software development team and partcipates actively in customer projects.