Managed Hosting

Our managed hosting packages are not only effective and worry free, but are tiered to suit your budget.  We provide value hosting through our own VMware cluster for projects that have relaxed uptime requirements. However for projects with stricter availability requirements we have partnered with hosting companies such as Rack Space, Green Geeks, Slicehost and Dreamhost.  Take a look at our hosting packages below:

ACG Value Hosting

This package is for our web development customers with low to moderate traffic levels.  We give you the power and support you need to get your website up and running.  Once we develop your web site we'll setup and configure the web hosting required to serve your content. When you compare our prices to the competition you're probably wondering how we manage to provide VPS hosting w/ MySQL databases for less than $60 a year.  The answer is simple, although our hosting servers within our VMware cluster boast uptime of greater than 95% and are served through a fast fiber optic network, we don't provide an uptime guarantee with our value hosting - but we promise that we will put forth our best effort to keep your web site online!  

Our Value hosting is the cheapest hosting you'll find with these options and exceptional performance!!!

Hardware Facilities

VMware Cluster

Dual core, 64-bit machines (all are 8+ GHz)

Redundant disk storage

Hard usage caps on VPS machines

Served through Verizon's fiber optic network

UPS, Backup Generator

Video surveillance

8×5 staffed NOC and customer support

24×7 monitoring